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Wonderful experience overall. Dr. Snyder and staff are very thorough, knowledgeable and friendly.
2 weeks ago
- Glenn W.
Thorough and very professional.
4 weeks ago
- Phil B.
Impressed with this place. I learned more here than in the entirety of the 44 years I've been wearing glasses. Everyone is very friendly, professional, and most importantly, they know their stuff. I couldn't see completely clearly with my previous pair of glasses from another doctor/lab. For the new prescription, the optician ordered different lenses which fixed the issue. Doctor Snyder fitted me for contact lenses and I learned about why I may not see clearly. He found lenses that worked for me and I couldn't be happier. Everyone I worked with knew what they were doing. I would definitely recommend Dr. Snyder and his staff.
1 month ago
- Larissa
I purchased my glasses there, but not the frame and I needed new silicone nose pads. They replaced them quickly no charge.
1 month ago
- Jon D.
Staff and doctors are wonderful. My only negative issue is with the glasses I purchased: One of the lenses keeps falling out of the frame. I bring it in, it gets fixed right away (no charge) then it falls out again. This has happened multiple times.
2 months ago
- Scott B.
Totally excellent eye care is available here with a terrifically responsive, competent and friendly staff. Yes.... Go for it!
3 months ago
- pernattylagoon
The whole staff was courteous, knowledgeable, professional and friendly.
4 months ago
- Robert C.